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ThinkCreative is now
Contextual Code.

Contextual Code
greater than or equal to

Over the course of 20 years our experience, skills, qualifications and capabilities have grown. In 2015, we are doubling down and officially narrowing our focus to what we do best: implementing, supporting and hosting enterprise web content management systems.

Why the Switch?

We are saying, “No,” to quite a bit of potential opportunity. On purpose. Why? We have seen a lot of mediocre work in our years. There are consultants who say, “Yes,” when they should refer a project to an expert, clients who have had to learn the hard way, and work that just “gets by.”

If you need a new CMS implementation or your existing eZ Publish CMS is in need of upgrade or repair, we should talk. If you need online marketing, SEO, print design, content strategy or CRM, we will partner with other professionals in those areas. But our best results come from implementation, support and hosting enterprise web content managements systems.

Who is Contextual Code?

We are CMS implementation experts. Code is the output, the final product, in its most basic form. But the code involved in implementing a web content management system is just a tool, a building block.

Working with your vision, Contextual Code will expertly craft a CMS that will take you further and maintain its value longer than any other solution on the market.


We have some answers. Check out our Transition page for some of them. If that's not your style, just contact us and we will get you taken care of.

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